Several people are expecting for a vaccine that can help in eradicating Coronavirus. Virologists are performing a series of studies to find out how long can antibodies persist in the people affected with Coronavirus. As antibodies play a key role to ward off infections and in some cases, they also help to prevent reinfection. It likely seems unsure in the case of novel Coronavirus. The most important query, for the time being, is the longevity of the antibodies in the body of a recovered person.

As per recent studies, it is found that there was a drop in the average antibody levels. People infected with Covid-19 usually create antibodies and recently many teams have reported regarding the levels of these antibodies decreasing in 2-3 months. But, a drop in antibodies is common after a severe infection lowers down. Immunologists and virologists reported that the body’s immunity systems take the help of various tools to battle against infections. Antibodies have the most attention as they are easily measurable and block pathogens to enter into cells.

Along with that, there are B cells that produce antibodies that already fought against pathogens. T cell is another category of white blood cells that plays a vital role that arranges the complete immune system. T cells pass on messages to the body for producing more antibodies to kill infected cells and fight viruses. Scientists are performing a thorough analysis of these elements of the immune system to find out which is the most essential to eliminate Coronavirus. 

Scientists who are in the process of developing Covid-19 vaccines have also noticed a strong T cell response through their advanced stage of experimental testing. For the time being, people already infected with the novel Coronavirus need to wait to see how long their immune system fights against this infectious disease. So, the antibody response duration relies on whether an infection brings a serious illness or significant immune reaction.

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