With reports of people recovering from Coronavirus and again getting reinfected seems like it is unstoppable. Experts say there are chances that a person may get infected twice with Coronavirus; however, it will take few months to make the person sick for the second time. According to reports, there might be a chance of Covid-19 reinfection when the antibodies decline. However, protection may last for a few months as the blood cells have the ability to make fresh antibodies that can help to fight against reinfection. Researchers have shared some valuable pieces of evidence showing that the antibodies could last up to a few months. They conducted tests on some recovered persons and detected their immunoglobulin.

The role of antibodies for protecting against Covid-19 is still unknown, but it has been noticed that antibodies normally grant partial antiviral immunity for a few months. The researchers informed that patients with mild symptoms might not have steady immunity for a longer period of time. Thus, there is an expected decrease rate of antibodies in the body.  The researchers are conducting further studies for defining quantitative protection along with understanding the decline rate of antiviral antibodies.

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